Photo Friday: Our top 5 ‘Worker’ photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

This past week in Canada, people across the country celebrated Labour Day. A day of rest and vacation, it’s historically a time to celebrate workers and their achievements.

Chalice works with hard workers around the globe, many of whom are the only ones supporting their families. This week, our top 5 ‘Worker’ photos celebrate all those working to provide for themselves and others.

#5: Mending Maladies

At our Mercy Care site in Kenya, people like Sr. Franclit work at the mobile medical clinic to help children treat infections and other illnesses.

When it first opened in 2013, the situation was dire.

“Now, the children are very healthy, they are getting enough food, they are getting enough medicine,” Sr. Franclit writes.

#4: Fishing for Families

More than $8,000 has been donated to fishing groups at our Asembo site in Kenya, after a generous donor decided to support the community in honour of her late husband.

For many around the world, fishing feeds families and brings in income. Those who work in this business know what an important field (shall we say sea?) it is. A shoutout to all fishers!

#3: Giving Back Through Work

At the St. Mary’s School for the Visually Impaired in Zambia, several people work as house parents. Charity is one of them! She helps children in the dormitories, and asists with domestic work – including dishes.

#2: A Farmer’s Day

In many of the countries Chalice serves in, including Tanzania, farming is an important aspect of daily life.

The Furaha women’s group in Songea used their Chalice funds to buy an acre of farmland, and planted the rice themselves. As farmers, the land is their only source of income. They hope to expand to five acres!

They are also hoping one day to have a rice husking machine, which would save them the cost of paying for that service.

#1: Slippery Soap

Circle groups in the Wa community of Ghana became a timely endeavour last year: making and selling soap!

With training and supplies funded through the gift catalogue, mothers started producing and selling local soap. Their profits are partially re-invested back into the group, and the rest the mothers use to provide for their families.

“These groups did not only create employment for themselves but also for other groups that also took the opportunity to provide the raw materials they need,” site staff write.

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