Photo Friday: Our top 5 ‘Elderly Wisdom’ photos

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

This weekend we celebrate World Senior Citizens Day, a time to honour the elderly among us. Whether it’s a grandparent, friend or teacher, the elderly are full of so much wisdom and knowledge, it could fill a book. They pass on traditions and shape our futures.

This week, we’re sharing our top 5 ‘Elderly Wisdom’ photos as a reminder of all the little pieces of wisdom they’ve passed on over the years.

Did you know? In addition to child sponsorship, some of our sites have a sponsorship program for elders. Elders with little or no family support can rely on sponsorship and their Chalice site for food, medical support, and companionship.

#5: Work Hard

With the help of a local Chalice circle group, Sudha took out a small loan where she lives in India. Along with the money that came from being sponsored, she started her own agricultural business! She leases a half-acre of land to grow jasmine flowers, a highly valuable plant in India.

#4: Hug the Ones You Love

Raymark is a sponsored child living near our Samar site in the Philippines. He was born with cerebral palsy, so his grandmother Corazon helps take care of him alongside his mother Rachel.

She even gets teary-eyed when talking about her grandson’s sweet nature.

“He’s so kind,” she says.

Now that’s real love in action.

#3: Family First

Muthaiyah is a dedicated grandfather. He lives with his adult children and grandchildren under one roof near our Madurai site. Unfortunately, said roof was in disrepair. Even though two of his grandchildren are sponsored, there wasn’t enough money to fix it.

His Chalice family circle group jumped into action, and applied to site staff for a new roof for Muthaiyah and his family. Thanks to donors to the Chalice gift catalogue, their roof was fixed! They even have a washroom facility on-site now.

He’s thrilled his grandchildren will have a safe, hygienic place to grow up.

#2: Accept Help

Lucina is a sponsored elder living at Chalice’s Samar site in the Philippines. She recently suffered a stroke, and daily tasks became impossible without help.

Fortunately, a Chalice circle group was there to bridge the gap. Each member now volunteers to do a different task for Lucina every day, a job they consider an honour and a blessing.

It takes wisdom and humility to know when to accept help, and our elders are masters of this.

#1: Give a Smile, Get a Smile

It may sound cheesy, but smiling at a stranger, friend or family member can turn their day around. You might even find you get a smile back! Thanks to our elders for teaching us what a joyful smile looks like.

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