Sasmita Makes a New House Home

At Chalice’s Orissa site in India, many have scant access to educational and medical resources. For women, girls and migrant workers, it’s even more challenging. Illiteracy is high in the area. Living nearby is Sasmita, a young woman from a hard-working family that’s been through some tough times.

Sasmita grew up with two sisters, and shared a hut with them and her parents. It was small, and definitely not big enough for the growing family. Her parents worked daily wage jobs, which didn’t make for reliable income.

It was during this time of struggle that Orissa site staff enrolled Sasmita in the sponsorship program.

“Since Chalice began to help them, [her parents] were very much supportive of the education of the children as well as for their nutrition, clothing, and maintenance of their family,” write site staff.

With the family’s expenses covered in other areas, Sasmita’s parents began saving “every bit of income” towards building a house. It took years of hard work, but all the effort paid off. Today, Sasmita and her family have a sturdy, freshly-painted house to call home.

The family is so thankful Sasmita’s sponsor came into her life and remained dedicated to helping them.

“They are very happy and ever grateful to Chalice,” write site staff.

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