Sponsorship Gives Tobias A Leg-Up

Tobias and his little brother Andrew share games like any other siblings, but something makes then unique, too. In their family, the younger Andrew watches out for the older Tobias.

Tobias lives with his parents and brother in a community near our Don Bosco site, where his parents take great care to keep him healthy. That’s because 13-year-old Tobias is on the autism spectrum, and needs an extra boost of support from his family.

His mother Lucia has taken him to many medical appointments over the years in Paraguay, including check-ups and specialized therapy. The special treatments helped grow his skills in social situations, and improved his independent living abilities. But affording the hefty price tag wasn’t always easy.

Then, help appeared. A Chalice sponsor began sponsoring Tobias three years ago, and has made all the difference since.

Thanks to sponsorship, his parents can afford his necessary medical treatments. The extra funds have allowed Tobias to attend a school that suits his needs, and he’s even started equine therapy (yes, horses!). He loves interacting with the animals.

“[Sponsors] show us that with love, patience, perseverance, great things can be achieved,” writes the staff, “and that by looking through the eyes of others, we understand that in diversity we enrich our world.”

Did you know? In the areas where Chalice works in Paraguay, there are no other similar supports. Sponsorship and family circles are distinctive in the region.

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