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Summer is a time of possibility, especially for kids. It feels like anything can happen in the summer, doesn’t it?

With extra time off, many people use summer to make their dreams come true, whether that’s a dream vacation or finally getting back to writing that novel sitting in your desk drawer. Our top 5 ‘Dreamer’ photos remind us that almost anything is possible with a bit of work, support from others and of course, God’s grace.

#5: A Room of One’s Own

Gabriel used to do his studying at home in Peru on a bed or a chair, without any kind of extra space. Chalice supporters saw the need and stepped in to help. Through the Chalice gift catalogue, Gabriel received a new desk, chair and shelf to create a ‘study corner’ in his room. Now, he feels more motivated to accomplish his work. A dream come true!

#4: Daring Doctor

Odilia has ambitions of becoming a doctor or nurse one day. She’s already completed high school in Guatemala, and her Chalice sponsor has helped support her education for 10 years. She knows it’ll take a lot of work to achieve her dreams, but she’s up for the challenge!

#3: Superstar Students

These students from Bolivia are all big dreamers! They’re the sixth cohort of the ‘Hope For My Future’ program, a collaboration between Chalice Latin America and the Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz in Bolivia. The program helps students involved with sponsorship attend university who might not otherwise have the means. May they achieve all their dreams!

#2: A Budding Psychologist

Milder has been sponsored since she was little! She lives near our CMAVIL site in Paraguay. On following her dreams, she writes:

“I love to work with the youth and I would like to focus in working with adolescents and children. As a matter of fact, the youth have everything the future can bring. At present I am still young, I consider myself young and I have all the life in front of me.

I want the same for others, I want them to pursue their dreams, that they forget about prejudices and bad comments, that they should fight for what they want, that it doesn’t matter when you try when you are young.”

She’s studying to be a psychologist, and is proud to call herself a professional when she’s only in her mid-twenties.

#1: Mothers

Ah, mothers – the true dreamers. They put everything on the line so their kids can accomplish their goals. But that doesn’t mean they give up on their own dreams. Many mothers do it all, sacrificing for their children while reaching for the heights themselves. Mothers prove that being a dreamer doesn’t make you selfish. It means you believe in possibility, whether for yourself or others.

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