Hard Work Brings Lorenzo Home

Some people just have a way with words. If you’re not convinced, ask translator/teacher Lorenzo.

In Chile, where Lorenzo is from, the disparity between low-and-high-income is often stark. At our Arica site, Chalice partners with religious organizations to offer medical checkups and skill training.

And, of course, sponsorship.

A generous donor has been sponsoring Lorenzo since he was six years old, opening doors that began his path towards success.

His parents could now buy nutritious food, clothing and shoes for Lorenzo, which allowed him to study at school with fewer worries on his back.

And he’s certainly no under-achiever.

“Thanks to [sponsorship], I was able to focus my energies on my studies to graduate with the best grade point average in my class,” writes Lorenzo.

As for his university entrance exams? Second place. What did he study next? To be an English teacher.

With a few huge accomplishments already under his belt, he realized his goal of being an English-Spanish translator. Lorenzo now works in his field, and combines his two interests by teaching at an English-Spanish translation centre.

The new job is even in his hometown.

Lorenzo likes to give back by volunteering at a rehabilitation centre, and carries a special fondness for his sponsor in his heart. He hopes other children will have the same opportunities as him!

“Regardless of the task I perform, I maintain my values, such as empathy and solidarity, which continue to enrich me,” Lorenzo writes.

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