Photo Friday: Our top 5 “Breaking Bread” Photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

Ah, potlucks. The scent of spices and oils and sugar melding together into everyone’s favourite dishes. The best part about them? Eating together.

Breaking bread among friends helps us grow in fellowship, and there’s no doubt many of us can’t wait until we can gather with friends and family for a meal once more. Our top 5 “Breaking Bread” photos remind us of the sacredness of this time-honoured tradition.

#5: Joyous Eating

Check out this girl’s cheeky smile! Near our Dominica sponsor site in Paraguay, the San Pedro Dining Hall has become the core of the community. Monday to Friday, hard-working mothers arrive early in the morning to prepare the day’s food. And guess what? These women are all volunteers.

Every day, 130 children and 10 seniors arrive for their meals. Many of those children are also sponsored. Breaking bread is truly at the heart of the site.

#4: Food With Friends

At our Luis Amigo site in Guatemala, Chalice partners with the Capuchin Tertiary Sisters. In 2013, the the Andrés Girón dining hall was built to house a soup kitchen. It was named after a local priest who served the poor!

Today, the sisters and other volunteers serve a meal to 60 children and adolescents every weekday during the school year. We’re so thankful to everyone working to ensure these children get to share a meal with friends.

#3: Helping Others

At our Don Bosco site in Paraguay, the Maria Auxiliadora circle group took up the mantle of caring for their neighbours during lockdown. They created ‘Community Pots’, where the circle groups provided two meals a day for those in need. Even better? More than a dozen other groups did the same thing!

#2: Sharing A Drink

What’s better than a cup of milk and a snack? Sharing it with friends, of course! These women (and one adorable boy) from our Lévantate site in Bolivia got together to share a drink and have some laughs.

#1: Cooking Career

The most satisfying work is the work we do for others, and Liseth puts that into action. She grew up near our Fatima site in Bolivia, where her mother had to stay home to care for Liseth and her seven siblings while their father worked. For a family of 10, they had only two rooms.

Liseth’s Chalice sponsors began supporting her when she was 13, allowing her to attend school and receive a nutritious meal at her site’s after-school program.

This experience filled her heart with a love for cooking, and she knew that was what she wanted to do with her life. She’s currently studying to be a chef, and shares food with others through her work at a local soup kitchen. She feeds over 100 school-aged children every day, and knows she’s truly giving back to her community.

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