Photo Friday: Our Top 5 “Daily Dad” Photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

There’s no one quite like Dad! He’s always ready with an outpouring of wisdom, a comforting hug, or a cheesy joke. This weekend in Canada, we’re honouring dads by celebrating Father’s Day. In anticipation of this important day, here are our top 5 “Daily Dad” photos, celebrating the ways dads are there for us on the daily.

#5: Building Together

For some, childhood is full of memories of Dad crouching next to us wielding the hammer to help with construction projects. From building a fort to a birdfeeder, dads are there to lend a hand around the globe. Oh, and they make sure we don’t hurt ourselves while we’re at it!

#4: Educating Families

Education costs can pile up fast for families. Shadrack lives near our sponsor site in Asembo, where he’s the secretary of the group managing fishing boats given to them through Chalice supporters.

He pays his child’s school fees in Kenya with income from the boat, and even stepped up to pay fees for his nephew!

#3: Home Haircuts

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

This dad took those words to heart after his son Jesús’s sponsor sent the latter some money for his birthday. The family normally lives off income from traditional wood carvings of the Mby’a Guaraní Indigenous community, but with the pandemic, that simply wasn’t enough.

Jesús’s parents used some of the extra money to buy a clipper and other hair-trimming tools, so they could run their own business.

In this sweet moment, Dad is cutting Jesús’s hair himself. Pretty good for a home haircut!

#2: Providing For Family

Dads like Joram are happy about providing for their families! The Kenyan farmer is involved with the Irigithathi Agriculture Group near Chalice’s Baraka site. With a small plot of his own farmland, he grows produce for his family, the needy, and for sale at the market.

“Farming helps me provide for my family,” Joram said. “Thank you so much Chalice for supporting me!”

#1: Father-Daughter Dancing

Check out this dancing duo! Near our CMAVIL site in Paraguay, the love between dad and daughter is emits from the grins on their faces. Dancing is some of the most fun dads can have with their children – even if they have two left feet.

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