Victoria flourishes as a web developer after years of sponsorship

Victoria is an ambitious young woman from a hard-working Catholic family. She and her two siblings grew up near our Mangalagiri site in India. When the children were little, Victoria’s parents struggled with food insecurity, lack of adequate housing, and even lacked enough clothing. The cost of the children’s education was overwhelming, and Victoria often had to ask her classmates to borrow their textbooks and learning materials. Although this was a source of great embarrassment for the young student, Victoria remained focused and studious, and her achievements shone in the classroom.

By God’s grace, a Chalice sponsor chose Victoria when she was in grade two. “This was a turning point in her life,” recall the Sisters who run our Mangalagiri site. Now, her family had access to enough food and clothing for their three children and could afford education costs.

As Victoria continued to thrive in the classroom, she and her sponsor connected closely from the start of her sponsorship. Victoria loved to write to her sponsor about her life and hobbies, even well into her college years. “Growing together is a joyful experience,” observes the Sisters. “A loving bond grew between the sponsor and the child through greeting cards, letters and financial support.”

As Victoria grew, she continued to apply herself, and graduated from college. She was soon hired by an e-commerce company as a website upgrade developer. “Her life blossomed,” the Sisters write. “Today she is able reach her goal of supporting her family. She has grown to be a responsible woman and she will flourish in the future.”

Victoria extends her deep gratitude to the Sisters, to Chalice, and above all, to her sponsor who supported and sustained her over many years.

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