Laughter, prayer, and Christmas blessings in Neema, Tanzania

The children and staff from our Neema site in Tanzania wish you warm Christmas blessings filled with holy joy, prosperity, and hopeful blessings for the future.

“Christmas comes to our life every year with new hope and love to each and every person of the world,” says Sr. Mary Grace, our Neema site director.

Last Christmas, children at our Neema site celebrated the Holy Eucharist and offered thoughtful prayers for their beloved sponsors. After prayerfully reflecting upon the birth of Christ, children and their families enjoyed a delicious lunch together. The menu included chicken, chips, salad, rice, and fruit, favourites of many! It was one of the most enjoyable moments of the year.

“The kids were very happy, and they looked so beautiful. You could see the enjoyment on their faces” says Sr. Mary Grace. “The merry lilt was visible in our surroundings.”

As a part of sharing Christmas joy, care, and love with others, 16 nearby elders received food hampers filled with essentials such as flour, rice, sugar, oil, and fish. Fifty-two high school students also received the gift of dictionaries to help them with their studies! These loving gestures are just some small ways our site and sponsored families take part in giving back to their community.

“We extend our sincere and heartfelt gratitude to all the sponsors and the Chalice family who have extended their loving hands and hearts, which made our Christmas celebrations more enjoyable and colourful among the kids of Tanzania,” Sr. Mary Grace smiles. “May the babe in the cradle shower His lovely blessing to you.”

This year, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, families at our sponsor sites will be unable to meet and gather for Christmas celebrations in large groups. Instead, your loving contributions to the Christmas fund will be distributed to each family to enable them to celebrate Christmas safely in the comfort of their own homes.