Abdul’s amazing ability

In a tiny, poor village in the state of Assam, India, Abdul was born to caring parents. While his parents were shocked and confused to see his differently-formed hands, they loved him and were determined to help him reach his full potential.

Abdul’s father left for work early each morning, earning daily wages at the railway station while his mother stayed home to care for him. As he grew, she taught him how to be independent and embrace his abilities. Though his childhood had a lot of challenges, with the unwavering support of his mother, he was admitted to a neighboring school. Initially he found it difficult to write but gradually he learned by holding a pencil with his two fingers. He was not going to let a disability overtake his life.

In 2011, Abdul was overjoyed to learn he had been chosen by a Chalice sponsor, which brought great relief to his family who struggled to afford his schooling. The help, support, and guidance of his sponsor was invaluable, and provided a great source of inspiration for his studies.

Abdul’s passion for education motivated him to achieve sustainable success in all areas of his life. He faced every challenge he encountered with grace and determination. His inherent self-worth was instilled in him from birth and he never allowed his disability to come between him and his dreams. With a strong will and hard work, he scored 86% on his grade ten exam, which is the final exam of secondary school in India. His joy knew no bounds; he became an inspiring story for many people of all abilities. Many journalists interviewed him, and his success story was shared by regional and national media.

Abdul’s dream is to become a doctor. As the only son of his parents, he wants to help them as they age and help others like him live healthy lives. He is grateful to his sponsor for all the help they have provided. Our Assam sponsor site is incredibly proud of all he has achieved, and wish him a bright future!

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