Khrystyna’s future blossoms with the support of sponsorship

When Khrystyna was growing up, her family lived a humble life. Her father worked part-time as a construction worker while her mother stayed home to care for her and her younger brother, Yuri. The family shared one bedroom in Khrysytna’s grandfather’s house, as they couldn’t afford a home of their own. They didn’t have enough money for even the most basic necessities such as food and clothing.

Sponsorship changed everything for not only Khrystyna, but her entire family. When six-year-old Khrystyna was chosen by a Chalice sponsor, her family received food packages, hygiene products, and other household goods! She and her brother started eating healthier food, wearing warm clothing, and had everything they needed to start school.

Khrystyna as a young girl

Khrystyna has always been a clever girl, with no learning difficulties. Some of her favorite subjects in school were Chemistry, Biology, Literature, and Mathematics; almost too many to list! Khrystyna actively participated in school life, performed at school plays, sang songs, and recited poems. Her favourite after school hobby was bead embroidery.

As part of our sponsorship program, she also attended workshops at our site, and birthday and Christmas celebrations. She also attended special outings with other sponsored children. She fondly recalls visits to the circus and theater! Khrystyna also remembers with special warmth how, thanks to the sponsorship program, she had the special opportunity to attend summer camp. She found new friends and made many wonderful memories.

Khrystyna has always dreamed of working in the medical field. Having a passion for Biology and Chemistry, she has repeatedly won district and regional student competitions. Thanks to her abilities and hard work, Khrystyna successfully passed her entrance exams and is now studying in medical school. In the future, she plans to work as a nurse in the children’s department. “All these positive changes in the lives of Khrystyna and her family could not have happened without the help of sponsors and Chalice,” says Halia Bardakh, our Lviv site director in Ukraine.

As years passed, Khrystyna grew up, but the memories of her childhood and her time spent in our sponsorship program remains in her heart.Khrystyna warmly remembers each year of sponsorship and is happy that she was able to grow up successfully thanks to many years of help and care from her sponsors,” Halia smiles. As of December 2019, Khrystyna has successfully graduated from sponsorship, but she continues to communicate with her sponsor, who has become a role model for her. Together, let us pray for this bright young woman’s success in all of her future endeavors!

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