Photo Friday: Our top 5 “school uniform” photos

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

In order to receive a quality education, children need to be prepared with the right supplies. Books, shoes, bags, and clothing ensure that students are comfortable during the day and able to complete their classwork. School uniforms can be especially helpful, as they allow children from all backgrounds to be dressed in school appropriate attire each day.

This week, we’re sharing our top 5 “school uniforms” photos from our sites. Thanks to child sponsorship and other kind donations, many children from our sites are dressed for school in fresh and comfortable school uniforms.

#5: Little learners

These adorable students from our Haiti North site are dressed and ready for a full day of learning. Though each school usually features different uniforms, school uniforms in Haiti all have one thing in common; the girls all wear beautiful, intricate ribbons in their hair.

#4: Through rain or shine

Maria de Jésus, a social worker at our CMAVIL site in Paraguay, thinks often of the students when it’s raining. Even during cold, heavy, muddy rains, students will still walk to school from distant communities because they don’t want to fall behind. But by doing so, they make their only uniform wet and dirty. The sponsored students are very brave to keep attending school with these obstacles in their way!

#3: Sewing for schools

Joanne, from our Samar site in the Philippines, loves to sew! She studies sewing in technical school, and likes creating anything she can get her hands on. One of her most important projects is making school uniforms for the local students in her community. She extends her thanks to her sponsor, who has helped her pursue her talents.

#2: Back-to-school in Bolivia

Last year, a number of children and teens from our Yapacani site in Bolivia received special back-to-school gifts from their sponsors. These gifts included school uniforms and other supplies. As always, the children are incredibly thankful to their sponsors for the kind gifts!

#1: Together as one

Students from Starehe Girls’ School come from all sorts of different cultures and backgrounds. Some students were previously living in extreme poverty, and had the chance at a quality education thanks to scholarships and sponsorship. Standing together in their school uniforms, they don’t feel different or separated by their circumstances.

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