Photo Friday: Our top 5 spring photos!

Welcome to our second Photo Friday! Each Friday for the foreseeable future, we’ll be sharing photo collections of our absolute favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world! We hope that these fun collections will bring you some joy in these uncertain times.

Even though some areas of Canada got hit with snowstorms this week, spring is slowly but surely blossoming in each of our provinces. This week, we’re sharing our top 5 spring photos that we’ve gathered from our sites! We hope these bright, warm photos lift your spirits and get you into the spring mood.

#5: Making a splash!

These girls from the Neema Visitation Orphanage in Tanzania are having a blast collecting some fresh water in a pretty pink bucket. We love the how the little pink flower to the right matches the bucket! We love the girls’ beaming smiles even more.

#4: Bright and beautiful

This young girl from Bolivia attends daycare at our Fatima site in Cochabamba. Because Bolivia’s spring is our fall, the children were planting their seedlings in November. Children repurposed old containers as planters, and got to decorate them with colourful paints. The glimmer of sunshine in the girl’s hair and the newly sprouted little plant just feels like spring!

#3: Sunshine and sunflowers

These little cuties from our Pochaiv in Ukraine are enjoying a bright, sunny day on the playground of their daycare centre. Many single-parent families in Ukraine must rely on daycare to care for their children during the workday. Many facilities, however, don’t receive adequate support from the government.

Thanks to kind donors through our gift catalogue, we’re able to provide furniture, blankets and other equipment for struggling daycares and schools in Ukraine. This daycare was lucky to receive a small playground set for the children to enjoy!

#2: ‘Peep’ this dynamic duo!

This mom and son from our Haiti North site make a fantastic team- matching outfits and all! Roselette Felix her and son Djempsly Louis participate in our site’s chicken co-op program. They received training on the best way to raise chickens and run a coop as a small business. They buy or hatch chicks, raise them, and sell the matured chickens for a profit! They currently have 55 chickens. Roselette plans to re-invest some profits to buy bricks to expand the coop!

#1: Cabbage patch kids

Gardening is one of the greatest pleasures of spring! Sr. Kamila loves to show children the joy of growing vegetables in the small garden at the Open Centre at our CMAVIL site Paraguay. The vegetables that the children lovingly tend to are used by the site’s volunteer cook, Daisy, to create delicious lunches for everyone!

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