Photo Friday: Our top 5 silly photos!

Welcome to our very first Photo Friday! Each Friday for the foreseeable future, we’ll be sharing photo collections of our absolute favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world! We hope that these fun collections will bring you some joy in these uncertain times.

This week, we’re sharing our top 5 silly photos that we’ve gathered from our sites! Just like kids anywhere, the kids from our sites love to laugh and joke around (the adults too!) We were lucky enough to capture these silly shots for you to enjoy.

#5: Funny faces at breakfast

This little girl from our Haiti North site just couldn’t resist showing off some funny faces to our photographer. She’s enjoying a boiled egg as a part of our daily breakfast program to keep kids fueled throughout the school day!

#4: Whatcha’ doin’ with that camera?

This boy from a daycare centre at our Fatima site in Bolivia got curious about the camera. He decided to poke his head in on a shot to get a closer look!

#3: Hey, look! I’m the Good Shepherd!

In India, Charles, one of our site directors within Madurai, had some fun during a photo shoot of a goat distribution event at a mountaintop village. “Kate! Kate! Look at me! Take my picture,” he exclaimed. “I’m the Good Shepherd!”

#2: You WILL get a photo with me!

At our CMAVIL site in Paraguay, the little girl on the left really wanted a photo with her best friend, who wasn’t cooperating. She decided that she would make sure they got a picture together – through the force of a playful headlock!

#1: This rice is HILARIOUS!

This youngster from our Tondo site was enjoying lunch with his friends, and found something extremely hilarious! It could have been a joke, could have been the rice. We don’t know for sure!

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