Renovations revitalize girls dormitories in Cameroon

At many of our sites around the world, we work in tandem with Catholic Sisters to offer support and love to those in need. In Kumbo, Cameroon, we are blessed to work with the Sisters of St. Therese of the Child Jesus. The Sisters oversee our sponsorship program for children and elders in Kumbo and surrounding rural communities. In addition to sponsorship, the Sisters provide adult skills training for women, HIV/AIDS testing, and workshops on computer skills and responsible management of family farms.

The Sisters also run the St. Therese College and Women Empowerment Center. The college provides excellent educational and professional opportunities to young Cameroonians, with a special emphasis on the less privileged. This central hub for education is essential for many local young adults looking to continue their studies after high school.

For many years, the college lacked a proper dormitories for girls. Our Chalice supporters gave girls in Cameroon a great gift when they funded renovations for the dormitories!

The renovations have revitalized the dormitories, which are now a safe and clean place for young women attending the college to live and study. “This renovation has changed the face of the college,” says the Sisters. “The new dormitories are encouraging many more girls who were not attracted to schooling to have a love for education. This is contributing to a great increase in our enrollment!”

The girls who now live in the dormitories take great pride in caring for their home. Caring for the space fosters a sense of responsibility, and encourages bonding among the students!

“We could not have done this marvelous job without your help,” says the Sisters. ” On behalf of our Congregation, we thank you for the assistance you’ve given to the local girls. May God bless you abundantly!”

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