Pierre is making a difference for his children’s future

Pierre, a single father of eight children living in the area of Prévilé in our Haiti South Sponsor Site, makes the most out of every opportunity to take care of his children. Devastated by the loss of their mother from a cholera outbreak in 2011, the children are doing well thanks to their father who continually sacrifices for their future.

An active member of the Patience family circle, Pierre achieves great things with the little means at his disposal. He took out a loan from his circle group savings of 2,500 Haitian Gourdes ($38 Canadian) to buy a pig and a goat, and he repaid the loan in full. Additionally, with savings from sponsorship funds (after paying for school fees and essentials) he purchased pigs and ewes.

These animals act as walking savings accounts – they cost relatively little, grow steadily in size and value by grazing on local grasses, breed additional animals, and they can be sold if there’s ever an emergency or urgent need. Having one animal per child is an easy way to ensure that if a medical emergency, unexpected expense, or some other urgent situation occurs, he can meet the financial needs for that child.

Pierre views every day as an opportunity to care for his children and make the difference for their future. He is very grateful for the Chalice sponsor who helps him send his children to school – without support this would be impossible. For him everything is grace. Thank you to all of our supporters and Happy Father’s Day!