Safety and comfort for Theresa’s family

Theresa, from Serenje, Zambia, had to leave her mother and father when she was very young. Theresa comes from a large family, and has three sisters and five brothers. Her parents, who work as farmers, cannot provide for all of their children, especially when rainfall is scarce and crops are poor. When Theresa’s older brother was old enough for a job of his own, he took Theresa and one of her sisters to live with him, his wife, and their child in another town.

When Theresa first went to live with her brother, they all lived in a tiny thatched hut in a mission compound. The hut was small, uncomfortable, and worst of all, unsafe. The three women in the hut didn’t feel secure at night, and Theresa’s brother feared for the safety of his newborn. They wished desperately for a safer home, but Theresa’s brother didn’t make enough as a general worker to send Theresa and her sister to school, let alone purchase a new home.

“When I was sponsored, God answered my prayers,” says Theresa. The support she received from sponsorship allowed Theresa to attend school with all of the supplies needed to thrive. The next priority was a safer home.

Theresa and her brother saved anything extra they could from her sponsorship funds and his income. Her kind sponsor sometimes sent special money to buy building materials, and little by little, they began to build their home.

After many months, Theresa and her family were able to move into their newly constructed home! Though it’s not yet completed, it’s livable and a lot more safe and comfortable than their hut. Today, Theresa is happily attending grade six, and looks forward to visits from her parents and spending time with her friends.

“I am so grateful to Chalice and to my wonderful sponsor for making it possible to have such a great change in our lives,” says Theresa. “Thank you for all of the love and support you give to me and all of the other children in need. May God be with you always!”

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