A small gift makes a big difference

This September, we’ve heard many inspiring back-to-school stories from our sites. Kind donors have made it possible for many classrooms to be stocked with essential school supplies, and sponsorship allows children to attend school with the proper care and nourishment they need to thrive.

Our sites are dedicated to making sure every single child gets the support needed to shine in the classroom. For some children, this means extra study time and tutoring, or specific equipment needed for school. Site staff and teachers pay close attention to make sure students are successful!

Franco, 13, is from our Levetante Mujer site in Bolivia. For the past few years, Franco had been falling behind in his classes. He didn’t seem to understand material written on the board, and constantly complained of headaches and blurry vision. He was frustrated with his classes, and wasn’t excited to go to school in the mornings.

Franco’s parents, eager to help their son succeed, worked to identify the problem. After a visit to the eye doctor, it was determined that Franco suffered from extremely poor vision. Franco’s parents, however, have seven children, and could not afford to purchase him a pair of eyeglasses. Without glasses, Franco could hardly read letters in a book in front of him.

Thankfully, a generous donor funded Franco’s glasses through our gift catalogue! The gift of eyeglasses gives children like Franco the chance to succeed in school. “Franco is so grateful for his glasses,” says Martine Buijs, our Leventate Mujer site director. “He is delighted that he is able to study like everyone else, and no longer has headaches.”

Franco’s story is an example on how a small, simple gift can make a big difference. Franco is working hard to catch up in his studies, and takes school work home with him to complete. He’s motivated to do his best!

Want to help another student like Franco? You can give the gift of eyeglasses through our gift catalogue.

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