Chalice sponsorship changed Neziini’s family destiny

Neziini loves to jump and skip around her rural community in northern India. The energetic 11-year-old keeps her parents busy and speaks of her dream of becoming a doctor.  

Her parents, Ebviio and Naomi, are hardworking farmers. They own a single plot of land and paddy fields. When Neziini was just starting primary school, her family was undergoing severe financial difficulties. They lived in a rented house and faced food insecurity. Ebviio and Naomi reared pigs and cultivated vegetables to earn what income they could.  

“However,” the Orissa sponsor site staff say, “Chalice sponsorship changed their destiny.”  

When she was five years old, a Chalice sponsor selected Neziini and started supporting her education. Her parents had a bank account and started receiving the family funding to spend on their daughter’s education, health, and nutrition.  

“It was a great blessing and support for the family,” the staff write. And the blessings didn’t stop there! The family also received support through the gift catalogue, which “fulfilled their dream of a new house of their own where they are living now happily.”  

Ebviio is now working as a taxi driver while Naomi continues to expand the family farm. Their standard of living has improved significantly.  

“All these changes could be possible due to the Chalice sponsorship program,” the site staff reflect. “It has not only reduced the financial burden of the family but also given opportunities to explore their resources to strengthen their economy.”  

Neziini and her parents extend their gratitude for the great help and support they received from Chalice. 

“They are very thankful to the Chalice family and her sponsor for making their lives smoother and easy.” 

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