Our top 5 ‘Animals as Gifts’ photos!

This time, we’re sharing our top 5 ‘Animals as Gifts’ photos! 

For families in need, the gift of a goat or sheep provides nutritious milk that can be made into cheese or drunk on its own. Giving the gift of an animal (or food to support it!) through the gift catalogue is a great way to help families feed themselves and earn income. 

P.S. Our 2022 gift catalogue is here! 

#5: A Valuable Asset 

Sunil and his brother Babul’s parents aren’t around, so they live with their brothers, sister-in-law and niece. Thanks to generous gift catalogue supporters, they received a pair of goats! 

“The goats are our valuable assets and they support us with livelihood particularly during unfavorable times, thanks to Chalice,” Babul writes.  

#4: Porky Pigs  

Sponsored child Josué and his family received a pair of piglets through the gift catalogue! His father Jeremiah built a pen, and the family feeds them every day. That way, the pigs will reproduce, and they can sell them for income. 

#3: Quirky Quail

Several years ago, the Nutritional Centre San Jose in Guatemala helped little kids get back on track after experiencing malnutrition. The Sisters came up with a reliable source of protein: quail eggs. Gift catalogue donors gave them bird feed and a coop to get started! 

#2: Moooooo 

Olha’s was one of two families of sponsored children who received a cow through the gift catalogue! Cows provide milk and meat, and are a huge boon to family nutrition and income. 

#1: C is for Chicken

The Dominica sponsor site staff in Paraguay told Maria, Nahiara, Adaliz, Merly and their parents they would soon receive chicken coops, hens, and chicks through the Chalice gift catalogue. Their mother, Ranulfa, can earn an income from home while keeping an eye on her kids. They can’t wait to see what good the new coop will bring!  

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