A New Stove Makes Natalya’s Day

On top of costly health treatments and trouble finding work, Natalya faced a problem familiar to many parents: a broken gas stove. 

Her family had a wood stove to spare, but it wasn’t good enough.

In comparison to a gas stove, a wood stove is much slower, taking longer to start a fire. Natalya was forced to get up earlier, and didn’t even have enough time to cook breakfast before her children woke up. 

The family lives in a remote village near our Ternopil site. One of Natalya’s daughters and her son have health issues that require expensive treatments, and Natalya stays home from work to take care of them. Meanwhile, her husband has struggled to find steady work. 

“We hardly make ends meet,” Natalya writes.  

Then the troubles with the stove began.  

With Chalice donors by her side, though, the troubles didn’t last long.

Thanks to everyone who gave a gift through Chalice’s gift catalogue, hungry mornings are a thing of the past.  

“I am writing to thank you deeply for the wonderful gift of a gas stove we received from Chalice gift catalogue,” Natalya writes. 

Now, she makes delicious meals and tasty pastries for her children. 

“My children and husband [are so] happy that we have such a helper that has made my work so much easier and has had a positive effect on our children’s health because I always cook fresh healthy meals on time.” 

“Thanks to you the dreams of many children and families come true and their lives improve, which is so important. We will keep you in our prayers.” 

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