Sonu’s Walk to Success

If you thought Chalice was only there for sponsored children, well, think again. 

Since the early days of Chalice, we’ve been working to help both sponsored and non-sponsored children around the world live fulfilling lives. Sonu, a non-sponsored young man living near our Assam site, is one of them. 

Born into a family that struggled financially, Sonu soon encountered struggles of his own. When he was young, he was diagnosed with polio, an infectious disease that can paralyze parts of the body. Quickly, it eroded his ability to walk, and his mother had to carry him to school. Even as a teenager, he needed to crawl to get around.  

Sonu’s parents couldn’t afford to treat him, and his illness quickly grew into a problem with a dead end. Everywhere he went, he needed his parents’ help. 

Until, one day, a light appeared in the darkness.  

Two Chalice Circle Groups found out about Sonu’s plight, and told his parents about Chalice. Soon after, his mother went to the Assam site office, and requested help. 

With the site’s assistance, Sonu visited a certified rehabilitation centre for the first time. There, he was officially diagnosed with polio, and an employee recommended he use crutches to walk – but those were far out of his family’s humble budget. 

But with Chalice donors on one’s side, anything is possible.  

Using general donations sent to the site, Sonu got the crutches he needed. For the first time in his life, he can walk.  

Now that he can move freely, he’s started a sweet shop near his home, and is looking forward to a bright future. Today, he carries faith inside him, born from the knowledge that someone will always be there to help when he’s in need. 

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