Fabian’s International Dreams Come True

While most kids learned to walk at age two, Fabian learned to read. 

This whiz-kid from near our Arica site in Chile was even featured in the news at just two years old and learned English at 10.  

His accomplishments as a child weren’t all he had up his sleeve, either. 

He comes from a family that struggled financially. Fortunately, when he was 8, he was chosen by a generous Chalice sponsor.  

The site staff, recalls Fabian, welcomed and supported him. 

“In that time, I felt that God had manifested himself in so many ways to tell me how much he loved me,” he writes. 

He made the incredible leap of studying industrial engineering while in university, and in 2020, made an even bigger leap.  

He was one of numerous students applying for a scholarship to study a semester abroad in the U.S., but there were only three spots. Fabian was chosen for one of them.  

Today, he’s incredibly thankful for the support from his sponsor, mother and sisters. His faith in God grows every day. 

“My history of effort will continue to reap great results, all merits by His,” he writes. 

“I want to thank God, my family, my dear sponsor and her family, [and] the staff of the sponsorship program. All of them have made it possible for me to develop both personally and spiritually. 

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