Photo Friday: Our top 5 ‘Christmas Season’ photos! 

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world. 

It’s Christmas Eve, and here at Chalice, we couldn’t celebrate Photo Friday with anything other than our top 5 ‘Christmas Season’ photos!  

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#5: Christmas together 

Before COVID-19, our site in Guatemala had special large gatherings for ChristmasTwo years ago, three communities of sponsored children came together for a Christmas festival, just a few days before the big day itself. Everyone festooned their local halls with Christmas decorations, read scripture, and reflected upon the birth of Jesus. The children dug into cake afterwards during social time! We can’t wait until they can have celebrations like this again.  

#4: A Christmas Surprise

Last year, staff at the Levantate-Mujer site in Bolivia were sad they couldn’t have an in-person Christmas with the daycare children. But parents at the site had other plans. 

They arranged an online Christmas party, celebrated from each family’s home. They made their own hot chocolate and sweet treats and danced with the children.  

The staff loved seeing the families share quality time, as parents spend most of their days working to support their children. The children were in for an extra surprise – “Aunt” Leonor from the site arrived at their doors with gifts for them all. Even from home, Christmas can be a magical time. 

#3: Helpful Hampers

The best part of Christmas is giving, and the Serenje site honoured their elders and spread Christmas joy. The Sisters created 20 hampers for grandparents in their community, consisting of oil, salt, sugar, soap, toothpaste, cornmeal and a chicken. The cornmeal and chicken both came from livelihood groups formed by sponsored parents. 

The elders were overjoyed with their gifts, and no doubt prepared a feast of chicken and nshima, the traditional cornmeal dish. The staff were happy to have a chance for a visit, and to see the seniors faring well. 

#2: Dressing Up

At our Levantate-Mujer site, traditional dress is a big part of Christmas celebrations!  

#1: Cheerful Colours 

From the boys at our Kawambwa site in Zambia… Merry Christmas!  

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