Another win for Garikapudi

A gifted athlete, Garikapudi lives with his parents and older brother near our Mangalagiri site in India. Born into a loving and supportive family, his parents tried their best but struggled to provide for their children.

His mother and father worked side-by-side as often as they could selling fruit on the roadside but are both affected by serious health concerns. They never let their circumstances define them, however – Garikapudi’s parents are positive in their outlook on life.

Their greatest joys are their two sons who are hard working, dedicated and respectful. The two boys also love athletics and excel in many different sports.

Garikapudi, who is known for his confidence and kindness, was selected as a team leader in his school. His gym teacher recognized his skill in volleyball and encouraged him to play his best at every competition. Though he did well in school and local tournaments, he lacked the financial security to attend district or state competitions.

Recognizing the family’s need, our Mangalagiri site invited them to participate in our sponsorship program. When Garikapudi was chosen by a sponsor, the whole family rejoiced! The support relieved their financial struggles and allowed them to send Garikapudi to volleyball competitions.

After winning three gold medals at the state level over the past couple of years, Garikapudi is fresh off a national gold medal win.

He feels incredibly proud and is so thankful to his sponsor for supporting him in all his endeavors.

Without a sponsor, he may not have reached this stage and most likely would have had to leave his studies behind to find work to help support his family.

The family was fortunate to receive an additional gift from kind Chalice donors – a pull cart, allowing them to sell more fruit to increase income. They continue to feel optimistic about their future and are so grateful for their blessings.

His close-knit family is a great moral support for Garikapudi, and their encouragement motivates him to move forward to achieve his dreams. He and his family are ever grateful to Chalice. He feels that he is the luckiest boy in his village.

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