Mothers in Peru spread Christmas cheer with neighbors in need

Each year as Christmas approaches, mothers of sponsored children at our PINIFE site in Peru reflect on how they can make the holidays special. A few years ago, Chalice family circles decided that the best way to enjoy Christmas was to share joy and blessings with their neighbors in need.

In the surrounding community, many elders struggle to make ends meet. During Christmas, mothers took time to visit the elderly, sharing in conversation and prayer. This was eye-opening for the mothers, for even though their daily lives are difficult, they met others in as much need as them.

The mothers were moved to give the elders what they could from what little they had, and eagerly gifted food hampers they created at the end of their visits. “They returned home with that experience of feeling joy for giving, thus valuing their own family and getting closer to God who loves us and is always watching over all,” says the Sisters who oversee our PINIFE site.

The mothers didn’t stop there. They also made visits in solidarity to a nearby homeless shelter and home for children with disabilities. Then, they hosted a joyous celebration at the site for sponsored children and their families and distributed a special gift to each child. And of course, they sang, prayed and danced together as a PINIFE family. “This is how we lived this Christmas remembering that God, made a child, brought us faith, hope and much love,” writes the Sisters.

The PINIFE team expresses its deep gratitude to the Chalice supporters who were the first to share the light of Christmas with the families.

“May Jesus, who was born as a child, bless each of you that makes it possible for our children, teenagers, and parents to live out these holidays, such as families that share solidarity with much love and generosity.”

This year, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, families at our sponsor sites will be unable to meet and gather for Christmas celebrations in large groups. Instead, your loving contributions to the Christmas fund will be distributed to each family to enable them to celebrate Christmas safely in the comfort of their own homes.