Bunk beds for brothers in Pochaiv

In Ukraine, beds are one of our most requested gift catalogue items. Many families live in old, small homes or rented apartments, and can’t afford to replace broken or worn out furniture. Some can’t afford to purchase enough beds for the household, which means that children must share beds or sleep on couches or on the floor.

Maksym, a 10 year old boy from our Pochaiv site, lives with his parents, grandmother, and younger brother Tymofiy. They all share their grandmother’s old house, which is small and worn down. There weren’t enough beds for everyone, so Maksym had to sleep on the old, hard couch. Tymofiy slept in a small crib, even though it was broken and already too small for him.

Even though Maksym and Tymofiy’s parents wanted nothing more than to purchase new beds for them, they couldn’t afford to. “Though both my wife and I work, our income covers our essential expenses and firewood purchases only,” says Serhiy, Maskym’s father. “I work in construction. My wife works as a social worker and looks after sick children. Unfortunately, this type of work isn’t well paid in Ukraine.”

The family’s joy knew no bounds when they were told that they would be able to participate in our gift catalogue program. “Thanks to your generosity, we were able to buy a bunk bed for our children, as it doesn’t take up much space in our small room”, says Serhiy.

Serhiy was very excited about the assembling the beautiful bunk bed for his precious sons: “It’s made of strong, quality wood and covered with varnish safe for children. It is equipped with a ladder, protection panels and all its corners are rounded. It also has high-quality matrasses which is very important for a child’s health. In addition, it has two large boxes where beddings can be stored!”

Maksym and Tymofiy are so happy to have a new, comfortable bed, and pass on their gratitude to the kind donors who made their dream come true.

“Dear donor, we are very grateful to you for everything. We pray for you and wish you health,” Serhiy smiles. “With love and prayers, God bless you!”

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