House repairs bring security to Samar families

One of the long-cherished dreams of families at our Samar sponsor site in the Philippines is to build a life where the social, cultural, and economic capabilities of each family member are nurtured and developed. A great starting point for families to start reaching for success together is by owning a safe and secure home. For most low-income earners, including sponsored families at our site, this lifetime dream is often so difficult to achieve due to inadequate space and insufficient finances.

Many houses in Samar are made of very light materials such as nipa shingles, coconut lumber, and thin, rickety boards of wood. This kind of shelter leaves families vulnerable to storms, animals, and insects, filling them with constant worry.

Sixteen families were overjoyed when they heard they had been chosen to receive much needed housing repairs through our Chalice gift catalogue. The building materials were received right before COVID-19 restrictions locked businesses down, so families were able to complete their repairs immediately.

“I would like to express our gladness and gratefulness because of your generous heart,” writes Elva, the mother of a sponsored child. “I’m thanking God for creating noble minded people like you and I will always thank God for the privilege that my son is part of the Chalice sponsorship program. Before sponsorship we couldn’t afford to buy regular and nutritious food, let alone a solid house. Every time there was news of an upcoming typhoon, my heart was trembling with fear that our house might be damaged and I asked for God’s mercy in my daily prayers until we received word we were chosen to repair our house. With tears falling from my eyes, I say a sincere thank you for everything you have given us.”
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