Mae Joy overcomes adversity through faith and support

Eighteen-year-old Mae Joy has had an exceptionally difficult young life. Growing up, she experienced a deeply troubled home life with a father who was unwilling to support her and her five siblings. In addition to this difficult situation, living in the Tondo slum neighbourhood in the Philippines has been a constant struggle. A few years ago, Mae Joy fell ill with severe pneumonia. Her frail health caused her to succumb to a deep depression.

Mae Joy’s life forever changed when she was paired with a sponsor through Chalice’s Tondo site. Due to her hard-working nature, she was selected from her classmates to attend a private school, free of charge. At school she has blossomed as a young scholar and book-worm. She loves to read classic tales, especially of the heroes of Greek mythology. Her goal is to take Accounting & Business Management when she graduates, eventually hoping to work for a publisher or a book store.

So far, Mae Joy has loved being in our sponsorship program. By attending site events and activities, she has made many new friends, and developed her talent and passion as a violinist. Sponsorship funds have ensured that she and her siblings have their basic needs met each month, especially for school. Whenever she feels discouraged, she turns to prayer, especially to the beloved Santo Nino of Manila. She loves being the cook of the family; her favourite food to prepare is the Filipino classic, chicken adobo!

Mae Joy wants to say “thank you” to her sponsor. Her life has improved so much since she entered the program, and when her family faced hardships, it was the program that “saved” them. Going to the site center relieves her stress and is a safe place to share her problems and find solutions. She appreciates every element of the program, but especially what sponsorship has provided for her and her family.

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