Photo Friday: Our top 5 site worker adventure photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

In rain or shine, and through thick and thin, our site workers are dedicated to ensuring that the children and families at our sites receive what they need to stay safe, strong, and supported. This week, we’re sharing our top 5 site worker adventure photos we’ve gathered from our sites! Though their work brings them many unique experiences, our site workers face each day with a brave smile and giving heart.

#5: Dancing duds

In Tanzania, it’s custom to have a kitenge wrapped around your waist and your hair wrapped before you let loose on the dance floor. Our International Manager for Africa, Emily, is helping East Africa Coordinator Martha get ready for a celebration. She’ll perform a welcoming dance with mothers from a Chalice family circle from our Mbinga site!

#4: A fortunate photo

Carlos is our accountant for our Luis Amig√≥ site in Guatemala. During a family circle gathering, mothers shared how they felt empowered by having access to their own bank accounts and finances. During this sharing, the mother in this photo sang a traditional song and wore her best traditional clothes. Carlos was eager to take a picture with her, as he admired her resilience, and she wanted to take one with him, because she really appreciates Chalice’s staff. What a fortunate photo!

#3: Daunting deliveries

When roads at our Ayolas site in Paraguay flooded and became muddy, it became impossible to make gift catalogue deliveries of large items like beds by truck or vehicle. Our site staff decided that they’d just carry items to homes themselves! Staff held heavy items over their heads for many kilometres to ensure they wouldn’t become wet or dirty. Families and children were so thrilled to receive their special hand-delivered gifts!

#2: Clean your plate!

Sr. Meti helps run Vienny Home, a residence for children whose families cannot care for them. Many of the children have special needs. In India, a country that favours fingers over utensils, the motor skills required for eating can be challenging for some children. Sr. Meti’s assistance ensures that every child can clean their plates.

#1: A feast for Fabiana!

Fabiana is a site worker at our Don Bosco site in Paraguay. She’s come for a regular check-in with a sponsored child, and has been treated with a feast of tortillas by the family. What a nice way to say thank you!

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