Photo Friday: Our top 5 “big smile” photos!

Welcome to Photo Friday! Each Friday, we share photo collections of our favourite shots from our sponsor sites around the world.

You know what they say; smiling’s contagious, so get ready to grin! This week, we’re sharing our top five “big smile” photos we’ve collected from our sites. We had a hard time picking just five photos, as every child’s smile is such a beautiful thing.

#5: Not your garden variety smile

This student from our Kawambwa site in Zambia has her hands full helping out in her school’s garden. Her radiant smile stands out like a sunflower, and brightens up the entire field!

#4: Full faced smile

We just can’t help but grin when we look at this little girl’s beaming face! This darling and her mom live near our Ternopil site in Ukraine, where they receive sponsorship support from her beloved sponsor in Canada.

#3: Sideways soccer smile!

Peekaboo, we see you! This adorable little boy from our CMAVIL site in Paraguay is eager to play a game of soccer, a most beloved sport in his home country. His cute smile and wave is heart-melting!

#2: Studying and smiling

This young man from our Neema site in Tanzania took his head out of the books long enough to pose for this stunning, smiling portrait. Some students that attend schools near our Neema site are sponsored. Schools also receive other support such as funding for lunch programs, books, and other classroom supplies that help kids focus on their studies.

#1: A sit-down smile!

This little girl sure seems happy to be enjoying a delicious school lunch! Students at our Samar site in the Philippines receive school meals courtesy of donors to our nutrition program. Thanks to the healthy meals, they have the energy to learn throughout the school day!

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