Elementary students in Kenya receive loving classroom upgrades

For children living in poverty, education is the key to a better future. In many developing countries, however, the schools available to children make it difficult to learn. Some classrooms don’t have enough desks or school supplies for every student. In some communities, there’s not even a school for children to attend.

In Kenya, elementary school is free to attend. Unfortunately, parents are still responsible for books and uniforms, which can be expensive for a struggling family. School infrastructure in Kenya is extremely poor; in many cases, classes are taught in makeshift shacks. Often, there’s no furniture, so children must sit on the floor. This poor learning environment makes it difficult for children to focus on their lessons.

Kasyongo school before

At our Mercy Care site in Kenya, many schools that our sponsored children attend were in very poor condition. Kasyongo primary school, for example, consisted of a small, makeshift room made of scavenged wood with a dirt floor. The cramped space wasn’t conductive to learning, and the classroom was wide open to the elements.

Thanks to the efforts of kindness of our supporters, three elementary schools at our Mercy Care site received major upgrades through our gift catalogue program!

Kasyongo school after

Kasyongo primary school, along with Kathitu primary school, underwent a complete reconstruction. Parents of the children also pitched in to help with the process! Both schools now have concrete walls and a solid roof, offering a roomier and safer learning environment for the children.

The third school, Kasevi primary school, received 40 desks and chairs for students. Now, the children don’t have to sit on the floor, and are able to read and write with ease.

“The main beneficiaries are the children. The learning environment at all three schools was improved, directly impact learning and producing a conductive environment for schools to groom our children well,” smiles Sr. Mary, our Mercy Care site director.

“We are very thankful to our donors, staff, and all other stakeholders without whom this would not be possible,” says Sr. Mary. “Our prayers are always with you. May our good Lord bless you in special ways in all your endeavors to reach many more hearts in need!”

P.S. Do the students from Kasyongo Primary School look familiar? They were featured on the cover of our 2018 Christmas Gift Catalogue! You can even see the walls of their old classroom in the background.
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