Priyanka worked hard in her studies and always wanted to complete high school. But “destiny had a different plan for her life,” the site staff writes from our site in Goa, India.

She grew up in the care of her grandmother because both her parents passed away. In a crowd of cousins, little Priyanka always felt like a burden to them. She felt like just another mouth to feed when the family was already struggling.

ukrainepoweroutageWhen she was in grade four, a Chalice sponsor began supporting her through the Goa site.

"The sponsorship program helped her grandmother to provide Priyanka with the necessary things that she needed to pursue her education," the Goa site staff remember.

She made it to grade ten – then COVID derailed everything. Put simply: "No mobile, no proper network, no regular classes, and no one to teach her and guide her.”

She did not finish the year. She yearned to try again, but felt she had nowhere to turn for support – either academically or emotionally.

“She felt lost and disappointed,” the site staff say. Priyanka hung around home, wishing life were different, but feeling she had nowhere to go.

But Sr. Jyoti, the Goa site director, wasn’t going to let Priyanka drift away. She called her to her office, and they had a long conversation about her future. Sr. Jyoti encouraged her to turn her gaze away from the past and its wounds, and instead to look ahead to the possibilities in her future.

Sr. Jyoti suggested Priyanka try vocational school for nursing. No doubt with a glimmer of hope in her eye, Priyanka pursued the Sister’s suggestion. She joined a program at the hospital that trains young women in nursing skills.

“Priyanka was given good training in nursing aids by senior nurses and doctors,” the Goa site staff report. “And now she is a trained nurse working in the hospital and looking after the patients.”

“She loves the work that she does. She is much appreciated by the patients, doctors, and senior nurses in the hospital. She feels proud of her achievement and confident that she will be able to make a bright future in this line.”

“She is ever grateful to Chalice and her sponsor for supporting her in her education and helping her to find a new way of life."

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