Multiple wildfires are raging through different regions of Chile, but the most heavily affected is the central-coastal region of Valparaiso. This community is within the boundaries of Chalice’s Santiago sponsor site. As of the first week of February 2024, there have been more than 120 fatalities, more than 350 missing, and 6000 homes lost. The fires are not yet contained.
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Chile is in a state of emergency, and rescue teams continue working to save lives. Evacuated and displaced families are living in shelters where volunteers and well-wishers donate essentials like food, hygiene items, and clothing.

The Santiago site staff reached out to their networks in the affected areas – priests, religious sisters, and local leaders who are in direct contact with the families. They gave a list of 50 families who lost their homes, their belongings, and, for some, family members. All 50 families have children and teens between five and fourteen years old and need help to face this crisis and begin to rebuild their homes.

The Santiago team have requested relief funds to give these families some emergency essentials to get them through this critical period. They will create fifty food hampers with jugs of water, 67 sets of children’s clothing (t-shirts, pants, underwear, socks), and 50 camping items including a tent, stove, and inflatable mattress. These will help them camp on their land while they rebuild.

Along with the items, the site staff will stay in close communication and offer psychological first aid support for two months.

Project Code: DFCSA0224

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