Haiti is in crisis, but your support is helping. 

We currently have three sponsor sites: Haiti North and Haiti South sites on the far coasts, and St. Dominique, which is near the capital of Port-au-Prince.  We have just over 3309 sponsored children in Haiti.

You have probably read in the news about the conditions in Haiti right now. Gangs have taken control of most areas, and as of Mar 12, 2024, Prime Minister Ariel Henry has resigned.

The families have already been abiding by curfews and limiting their movement as much as possible. Schools have closed. They buy what food they can at local street markets.

They are hoping that the recent resignation of the Prime Minister, and the international community’s attention, will bring some positive change.

Sponsored children and their families can access banks and sponsorship funds.

 Banks are trying to open or have started opening. We are keeping an eye on the situation, but we intend to disburse funds on schedule.

How is my sponsored child? 

Randy, our Canada-based international operations manager for Haiti, is in touch with the site directors in all three sites, daily. In turn, they and their local staff are in contact with the sponsored children’s families. As far as we know, everyone is OK. If anything should happen, the site staff would make us aware as soon as possible.

What is the greatest concern?

Food continues to be a significant cause of concern. 

How can I help? 

If you sponsor a child in Haiti, consider sending a gift of special money. You can also donate to the Haiti Regional Assistance Fund.  This gives families funds to meet emergency site and family needs resulting from, or created by, the conflict. Such needs could include food, water, medical needs, housing needs, transportation, and any other urgent needs.

Chalice will oversee the sponsor site staff and families in their use of your donated funds. 

Project Code: DF HRR0423

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