Martina lives with her father and older brother near our Tondo sponsor site in Manila.

Chalice critical needs - Surgery for a broken arm for Martina, PhilippinesHer father works as a carpenter, but Manila's strict pandemic lockdowns have left him unable to secure employment for the last 18 months. Her brother helps at the sponsor site office, currently earning the only income for the family's daily essentials.

Martina, 11, was playing at a friend's place one day. She lost her balance while playing a game and put her arms out to catch her fall. Her left arm took the impact. At the hospital, x-rays showed that she'd sustained fractures to both her radius and ulna (forearm) in her left arm.

To heal correctly, her doctors informed her that she would need surgery to place two sets of pediatric plates and pins.

Martina's family is expected to pay for the orthopedic implants and other hospital costs, which come to $1,845.58 CAD. The family's income is only enough to sustain daily needs, and this unexpected cost is far beyond their capacity to afford.

Funding Request: $1,845.58 CAD
Critical Need: PTM0921B

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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