Gladys is a tireless and long-serving member of Chalice's staff team in Latin America.

Chalice critical needs - Emergency kidney surgery for Gladys, PeruShe is our country coordinator for Peru and Guatemala, acting as a leader and overseer of sponsorship programming in the sites in those countries. She  took this position after being the site director of our Chiclayo site in Peru for many years.

This summer, Gladys came down with a kidney stone that would not pass on its own. It has caused painful swelling and infection in her left kidney. She now requires specialized laser surgery that is not available in her city of Chiclayo, and she must go to Lima.

Peru's medical system and hospitals are extremely over-extended with COVID-19 patients. To get the surgery in time, she needed to be admitted to a private hospital in Lima.

The Chiclayo site has requested $2,767.82 to cover Gladys' catheter removal, pre-surgical diagnostics and COVID test, hospitalization, surgery expenses, and medication.

Funding Request: $2,767.82
Critical Need: PCC0821

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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