Funding Request: $1,143.49 CAD

Critical Need: CNULG0624

Artem lives with his large, multigenerational family his great-grandfather's home in Lviv, Ukraine. He and his three brothers are all blessed with Chalice sponsors.

Artem's genetic analysis, Lviv, Ukraine

Artem was born with cerebral palsy, which has affected his motor and speech development. He is also epileptic. His condition does not respond to anticonvulsant therapies.  His doctors need to know more about his genetic makeup to find a more effective treatment for his seizures. However, these sequencing tests aren’t available in Ukraine.

His doctors instructed his parents, Olena and Andriy, to seek out this testing through an international laboratory. The lab will do a complete exome sequencing and a study of his mitochondrial genome.

But the cost of the test, plus shipping abroad, comes to $1,143.49 CAD. Olena and Andriy do not have the resources to cover this expense. The Lviv sponsor site staff have therefore requested the full amount, so that Artem and his family can find a path forward to more stable health.

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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