Funding Request: $4,812.50

Critical Need:  CNKND0624

Alvin is 10 years old; he and his mother Serah live in a rented room in an informal settlement in Nairobi. He is enjoying grade four with the support of his Chalice sponsor. Serah is a packer at the airport, which is sporadic work, and she can go days without income. Her wages only meet some of the basic family needs. 

Martin's medical expenses, Meru, Kenya

One day, when the day’s lessons were over, Alvin rushed down the school stairs and slipped. Serah was called to school, and she took him to the public hospital. He had fractured his elbow.

They put a cast on and sent him home to heal. At a follow-up appointment, he had the cast removed and the doctors ordered another X-ray. It showed that the bones were not united correctly. The public hospital booked Alvin to see the lead surgeon the following day. Unfortunately, that was the same day the doctors went on strike. The Nairobi site office had to find an alternative to ensure Alvin's case was urgently addressed. 

They arranged for him to have the surgery at a trusted facility. The surgeon performed a successful emergency correctional surgery. Alvin stayed in the hospital for three days under observation. 

The hospital bills, encompassing his hospitalization, surgery, and physiotherapy charges, come to $4,812.50 CAD. Serah, a young, widowed mother, is not able to meet these expenses. She was anxious and approached the Nairobi site office to help her with the hefty hospital bill. 

Your generous support will cover Alvin’s medical procedure for fixing the malunion, the medication, the admission, bed and ward, surgery, doctors’ charges, and follow-up physiotherapy costs. Your support will greatly relieve the financial strain on the shoulders of a young mother and profoundly impact the lives of this young family, offering them hope and relief in their time of need.

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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