Funding Request: $3,019.88 CAD

Critical Need: CNCAR0124

Ginetta, 18, is 100% oxygen dependent. Ginetta was only six months old when she was diagnosed with a condition called Glutaric aciduria type 1. The condition prevents her body from breaking down proteins and causes harmful build-ups in her blood and urine. She is unable to eat proteins and must eat a special diet with the help of a gastric button (feeding tube). Her medications and nutrition are expensive. 

Ginetta's medical expenses, Arica, Chile

Ginetta urgently needs a new gastrostomy feeding tube. Her current one is in poor condition and the hospital cannot provide her with a new one. 

Ginetta lives with her mother, Ximena, and her two brothers. Ximena had to stop working to dedicate herself full-time to her daughter’s care. Her Chalice sponsor and the Arica, Chile, site staff have been tremendous supports.

Ximena does not have the means to buy a new feeding tube as well as support Ginetta’s nutritional and personal care needs.

The Arica site staff have therefore requested $3,019.88 CAD to buy the feeding tube kit. They will also offer six months of nutritional support, providing a monthly hamper containing essentials like enriched milk, fruit mixes, and baking basics. They will also include monthly supplies of 80 diapers, wet wipes, and absorbent mattress pads.

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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