Yulia is a social worker in our Pochaiv sponsor site in western Ukraine. 

UPP1022largeShe is a mother of two and currently the family's only breadwinner, as her husband recovers from a spinal condition he developed while serving in the armed forces.Yulia, 31, had a lump on her leg which her doctors diagnosed as a fibroma tumour. It needed surgical removal. But before her surgery date, Yulia admitted her self to a district hospital because of acute abdominal pain. The surgeon on duty conducted an exam and diagnosed her with an acute inflammation of her gallbladder and gallstones.

This new infection also required surgery, so Yulia's medical team determined it would be most prudent to perform them at the same time, meaning she only had to go under anesthesia once. Her surgeons successfully performed laparoscopic surgery on the gallbladder and removed the tumour.

While her family is happy to have Yulia home and recovering, the two surgeries incurred medical bills of $275.61 CAD. With both parents on medical leave and the current crisis in Ukraine, this amount is beyond the family's budget. Yulia's colleagues at the Pochaiv sponsor site have requested the full amount on her behalf.

Funding Request: $275.61 CAD
Critical Need: CN UPP1022

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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