Carmen is a self-sacrificing mother of two, Enzo and Fiona. She tries to provide for her children's needs but is severely hindered by severe osteoarthritis in both her knees.

PAL1022largeCarmen, 39, was diagnosed with gonarthrosis (knee osteoarthritis) in both knees. It has progressed over the past 3-4 years and became especially acute during her second pregnancy. It was during that time, more than three years ago, that Carmen began using a wheelchair full-time. She has been under medication throughout, but they are expensive.

Her doctors have told her she needs knee-replacement surgery in both legs for her to walk again. They will first operate on her left leg, and then her right. The surgery and prostheses will be publicly funded. But Carmen and her husband, Cristian, would have to pay for her medication and all the ancillary fees around the operation.

Carmen's daughter, Fiona, is sponsored through Chalice's Ayolas site. The Ayolas staff know Carmen and are glad that she has the opportunity to regain her mobility. But together with the family, they calculated the budget of all the fees she and her husband Cristian would be charged. They reached $661.31 CAD, more than Cristian earns as a security guard in two months.

The site has therefore requested the budgeted amount on Carmen's behalf. It will help her pay for her medicines for three months, supplies needed for the surgery, food during part of her hospitalization, and transportation.

The Ayolas site staff describe Carmen as a very brave woman, and she is determined to face her condition with great effort and hope.

Funding Request: $661.31 CAD
Critical Need: CN PAL1022

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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