Sugumar supports his two young daughters as the driver for our Tamil sponsor site. He was on a trip with regional office staff when he started to feel very unwell. 

ITK1022largeSugumar, 38, drove the site staff for a week-long trip to Bangalore. When he came to Chennai to drop off our regional site team, he was running a high fever. He went to the hospital and received some medicine. The next day, he drove himself home and checked himself straight into his local hospital. Blood tests were positive for dengue fever, and the doctors transferred him to the ICU.

He stayed in the hospital for three uncertain days, but the dengue medication improved his platelet count and stabilized his blood sugars. The doctors discharged him to recover at home.

Sugumar and his wife now face a hospital bill of $164.82 CAD, which is beyond what the couple can manage. The Tamil site staff have requested to help their colleague pay off the bill, which covers Sugumar’s hospital admission fee, oxygen, blood tests, and ancillary ICU charges.

Funding Request: $164.82 CAD
Critical Need: CN ITK1022

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Please note that any donations that exceed the request will be used to fund other critical need emergencies that may arise.

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