Rasmi is a Bachelor of Science graduate and tutor living near our Madurai sponsor site. For a few months, unusual sensations have been bothering her mouth.

IMH0822BlargeThe 22-year-old started feeling pain in her mouth and would stumble over her words, as if there were an obstruction on her tongue. She could feel a growth under her tongue. She also broke out in rashes throughout her body.

When the pain became acute, Rasmi went to the hospital, where the doctors conducted an MRI. The imaging revealed a blood clot under her tongue, and Rasmi was diagnosed with a lobulated mass on her tongue with a right-side lesion - possibly a haemangioma. The doctors advised immediate surgery for removal. Rasmi underwent the procedure, and they discharged her five days later, after also treating her skin allergy.

Rasmi lives with her younger sister, Glassiga, her parents and her grandmother. The family relies on her father's income as a fisherman, as her mother recovers from cancer surgery and her grandmother runs the household. Rasmi's tutoring income is not substantial. The family has been grateful for the support of Glassiga's Chalice sponsor and the Madurai sponsor site staff knew that Rasmi's family would be financiallly burdened by the cost of her procedure and have put forward a requeset for assistance with the medical expenses, which come to $1,134.43 CAD. This covers Rasmi's medicine, lab fees, and hospitalization.

Funding Request: $1,134.43 CAD
Critical Need: CN IMH0822B

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