Project Location: Nandom, Ghana
Project Code: CP- GNA0124

Families living in the Nandom community of northern Ghana live with the daily challenges of improper toilet facilities. With no plumbed latrines, families must resort to open defecation. This increases the risk of diseases for water contamination, such as cholera. Some families have previously tried to build their own latrines, but only had access to mud and other impermanent materials, which can't withstand time and weather.

Borehole drilling for Nyawita school, Asembo, Kenya

In 2021, the Nandom site partnered with Chalice to build 120 latrines for 250 children and their families. The community members have been thrilled with the improvement in their health, environment, and feelings of personal security and dignity. 

“It is evident that access to proper sanitation facilities is crucial for the advancement and prosperity of communities,” says Charles, Nandom site director. Some neighbours were inspired to construct their own toilets.

Springing from this success, the Nandom site staff have chosen 150 more vulnerable families to receive new latrines. Of those, 105 are sponsored families and 45 are non-sponsored. The families who will benefit from ‘Phase Two’ live in the communities of Nandomkpee, Dondometeng and Danko, who did not benefit from the first phase. 

The latrines will be built to the same specifications as Phase One. Known as Kumasi Ventilated Pit Latrines (KVIP), they properly dispose of waste and have design features that control odours and flies. The technology has been in use in Ghana for many years and is highly recommended by health and environment officials.  There will be a small area out front for a handwashing bucket, cleaning supplies, and for water to clean the latrine.

Each of the three communities will receive 50 KVIP latrines. In addition to the construction of latrines, the second phase will include educational and awareness programs about the danger of open defecation and the need for proper sanitation.

"By fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility, we can create a sustainable sanitation system that will serve the community for years to come,” says Charles.

The total budget for the construction is $168,016.74 CAD, or approximately $1120 per family. This includes all the building materials (i.e. cement, iron rods, roofing, ventilation) and labour.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $168,016.74 CAD

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