Project Location: Mombasa, Kenya
Project Code: HDPKMM0424

Our Mombasa sponsor site is run by the Sisters of St. Joseph, whose scope of ministry is vast. They serve their coastal city’s most vulnerable members, providing shelter, food, education, and loving care to hundreds of children, teens, and elders whose families cannot provide for them.

Support for Five Child and Elder Care Homes, Mombasa, Kenya

They run five residences: two ‘rescue centres’ for children and teens, two orphanages, and the retirement home for elderly Sisters, known as St. Martha’s. 

Grandsons of Abraham rescue and education centre is home to 98 children (56 sponsored) who have come directly from perilous, street-involved situations. They receive counseling, food, accommodation and education. Whenever possible, the rehabilitated students are resettled with their families.

The St. Bakhita rescue centre is home to 40 girls and young mothers who have survived situations of extreme abuse and assaults. The girls need specialized care and protection.  

The two orphanages, Shanzu and Bura, are home to 25 and 31 children and teens, respectively. The orphanages provide education materials, school fees, and all their meals. They care for babies and toddlers, and the school-aged children attend classes at public schools. 

Kenya has been going through a cost-of-living crisis, and the government has introduced stiff new taxes. In this challenging economy, the Sisters are struggling to raise funds to manage, plan, organize, and run the centres, let alone meet the residents’ most basic needs. The situation has been further worsened by the severe drought and famine in 2023, and the disastrous flooding in 2024.

In response, Chalice and the Mombasa team have launched a year-long program to provide basic health and wellness needs to the five care homes. The support will include nutrition, sanitation and hygiene materials, clothing, education materials for children, and other household items. 

Their budget for one year’s support comes to $95,083.91 CAD. This includes 674 units of ingredients, such as maize, flour, porridge, sugar, milk powder, beans, green grams, and rice. Still for the kitchen, 889 cups, spoons, plates and pots. For learning materials, it includes 210 sets of exercise books, calculators, geometry sets, pens, and pencils. For personal care, it includes 1952 sets of toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, detergent, tissues, and sanitary towels. The budget includes 944 sets of shoes, shirts, trousers, undergarments, and mosquito nets. Lastly, the budget includes 120 ‘most-needed’ items, such as mattresses, tables, a fridge and a water tank.

Your support will give 238 vulnerable adults and children (including 58 sponsored) the gift of nutritious food, quality education, and improved physical and mental health.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $95,083.91 CAD

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