Project Location: Bangalore, India
Project Code: CPIBG1023

The communities of Bangalore, Bellary, Manvi, Chamarajanagar, and Wayanad struggle with a widespread issue: inadequate housing and sanitation facilities. 

Bangalore Houses with Toilets (15), India

While the causes of homelessness vary, our Bangalore staff emphasize interrelated issues, including lack of affordable housing and healthcare, discrimination, and natural disasters. The site staff also know that job loss and unemployment are a challenge in the communities they serve. 

Inadequate housing and latrines affect the whole family. Without a proper kitchen, smoke inhalation and fire are a constant risk. Without latrines at home, women and girls must venture into the fields or forests - a significant risk to their personal safety and security. 

In response to the dire need for safe housing, members of Chalice family circles at the Bangalore site have nominated 15 families of sponsored children who will get a new home and toilet. 

At an average of five people per household, 72 people will have safe, proper homes. Of those, 43 are children. The families rely on low-wage work as their source of income, including cooks, casual labourers, rope-makers, and vegetable vending. The average annual household income is $775 CAD. 

Through careful consideration, they prioritized women-headed households and households with girls. Fourteen of the identified families are women-headed. 

Each 345ft2 house will consist of a living area, a bedroom, a kitchen, and a well-ventilated toilet (with a separate entrance). The hollow cement block walls will be sheltered by a 5’’-thick metal roof.  Each will have two doors, three windows, a gas stove, and will be fully wired and plumbed.

The total budget for all 15 houses comes to $128,246.10 CAD, which includes all the construction materials (reinforced concrete, roofing, doors, windows, Kadapa stones), and all labour for construction, masonry, plumbing, and electric. The families will contribute a collective ~$9660.00 to the project.

The Bangalore staff will train the families in the proper upkeep and maintenance of their house; the families will be responsible for taking care of their house.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $128,246.10 CAD

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