Project Location: Wa, Ghana
Project Code: GKW0222

Background: Chalice began partnering with Serve Child Centre-Konta in 1999, as a sub-site of Wa sponsor site. Initially, sponsored children were students from the School for the Deaf and the nearby St. Don Bosco School, which provides specialized education programs for children with disabilities.

Chalice community projects - Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School, Mikinduri, Kenya

St. Don Bosco School is located at Loho, a community in the Upper West Region of Ghana. The school was built in 2016 and serves children with intellectual disabilities. The school currently has 114 children, 53 with Chalice sponsors. Students are often required to wait in long lines to use the latrines and those with intellectual and physical disabilities find it upsetting and have difficulty understanding the situation.

The Konta site staff have created a plan to construct a modern toilet facility for St. Don Bosco School. The building will have four facilities each for males and females, as well as a changing room for the girls. The main goal of this project is to improve hygiene, sanitation and to prevent outbreaks of diseases associated with poor sanitation in the school community. The new flush toilets will support the increasing sanitation needs of the growing school population and ease congestion they’re currently facing.

The team will construct the new facilities with the children's different physical and intellectual abilities in mind. During the first year, the site will employ a cleaner who will keep the facility sanitary, assist the children to using the toilets, and ensure that they wash their hands after every visit. After the first year of the project, the school management will pay for the cost of maintaining the cleaner/washroom assistant.

The parent leadership committee, teachers and the school administrators are taking responsibility for keeping this project successful and well maintained in the coming years. They will undertake maintenance repairs at the end of every year, and they will keep the hired cleaner/washroom assistant present during school hours. The school will also provide towels, toilet papers and tissues, soaps, disinfectants, sanitizers, and all other washroom requirements for day-to-day running of the facility.

The total cost of this project is $29,556.61 CAD. This includes the cement, iron rods, windows, roofing, tools, electrical, and ancillary construction materials. This also includes a twelve-month salary for the cleaner/washroom assistant.

The construction of the modern toilet facility will provide a clean and safe washroom environment for 114 children; protect them from unsanitary health conditions and prevent the likelihood of disease outbreak in the school.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $29,556.61 CAD

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