How can I describe Chalice to a friend?

Chalice is Canada’s largest Catholic child sponsorship organization. That does not mean the children have to be Catholic to be sponsored. Children are selected for sponsorship based on need and family circumstances, regardless of race, age, ability, gender, or religion. Our Catholic identity roots our service as a Eucharistic offering to Jesus.

We work in 52 sponsor sites, spanning 13 developing countries. Each site is under local direction. Our partners are a mix of religious congregations and organizations, lay and community groups.

When you sponsor a child, you begin directly supporting that child, and through them, their whole family. That is thanks to our sponsorship model, which is called ‘family funding.’ Our family funding sponsorship model is unique in Canada. The premise is simple: the child’s parent or guardian (usually their mother) knows what the child and their siblings need most. Therefore, your child’s sponsorship funds are deposited directly into his or her bank account, which Chalice helps them to open. 

ASDCEach month, parents meet in ‘family circles’ of about 20 with a Chalice field worker. At these meetings, they account for their spending, create group savings, engage in microloans, and even form small businesses. These groups are places of prayer, support, and solidarity.

When given the power and knowledge to be decision-makers, the parents uplift their families. Your sponsorship funds help not only your child finish their education, but their siblings too. By creating savings, your child’s family can set and achieve goals to raise their standard of living, such as creating a small business for a self-reliant income. Your funds help the whole family access better nutrition, or make their homes safer, or whatever they need to chart a brighter, more successful future for all. 

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